The University of Maryland's research and educational strengths span the broad array of fields essential for understanding and implementing sustainability – from environmental sciences, remote sensing, land use and land use change, and natural resources management, to modeling, policy, economics, information, and social sciences.

The Global Sustainability Initiative is a cross-disciplinary, campus wide project focused on near-term steps toward long-term sustainability goals.

Establishing global leadership, advancing research, and promoting education to implement global sustainability goals


A flagship tier 1 research institution in the National Capital Region, the University of Maryland is at the forefront of state, national, and global sustainability research across multiple disciplines.



Pioneering new modes of collaborative learning across disciplines, the University of Maryland creates a thriving workforce, a thriving public sphere of lifelong learners, and a thriving planet.



The University of Maryland’s location affords connections to Washington, DC networks of federal agencies, multilateral development banks, and global think tanks, and our state university charter gives us an important stake in state and local actions. 



The University of Maryland's teams of leaders and researchers collaborate across units and leverage our collective strengths toward ambitious goals. The Global Sustainability Initiative is jointly funded by 11 campus units at the University of Maryland.